Meet GC Micro CEO Belinda Guadarrama

a visionary. a fighter. an inspiration.

Belinda Guadarrama's vision of GC Micro extended far beyond her own desires for personal success. "I feel strongly that when you look at the minority populations here and in the U.S., it should be a celebration of what all minorities can bring to the economy and to the community." Guadarrama envisioned a company where her staff aren't just employees, they are business partners.

When businessmen told her that they didn't think a minority owned business had the expertise to meet their needs she just used this as fuel to win their account. "I could become completely offended, or I could go back to the win-win; get the sale, and their perception is changed about minority businesses. This makes it easier for the minority woman who comes next."

This community-minded philosophy has directed the undercurrent of Guadarrama's leadership from GC Micro's founding until now. Serving at various capacities from White House Small Business Policy Advisor to motivational speaker working to get Latino youth to stay in school. "People have told me that I am a role model. In reality, I just conduct myself and my company in a manner that I can always be proud of. My goal is to be successful and, at the same time, help the people around me achieve their goals. We can achieve more together than as individuals."

a lifetime of achievement

it shows in our service

Belinda has been named the California Small business Person of the Year by the SBA, and Woman of the Year by the Minority Business Development Council.